AMSA Pharm-free Scorecard 2010
B University of Arizona College of Medicine
City: Tuscon State: AZ

Summary: University of Arizona College of Medicine provides an excellent policy regarding gifts, consulting, on-site education, scholarships/trainee funds; however it is lacking in a number of other domains. For example, while disclosure is required for personnel engaged in a financial conflict of interest, public disclosure of the financial conflict of interest is not required. The sample policy is nearly absent and does not create restrictions that would limit the use of samples as a marketing tool.  Moreover, the curriculum submitted is severely limited and does not effectively prevent the influence of pharmaceutical marketing on health-care decision making. Oversight as well as a sanctions process are now clearly outlined in the policy.

Demographics: The three primary sites of student training are University of Arizona Medical Center, University Campus, South Campus, and Southern Arizona Veterans Administration Health Care System. Submitted policies apply to all sites.

Updates: Arizona College of Medicine submitted new policies for evaluation for the 2012-13 Scorecard.  Their grade remains a B. 


This institution's evaluation was last updated: 01/02/2012

Gifts & Meals 3 Meals or other types of food or drink directly funded by industry may not be provided at University activities or at associated clinics.
Consulting relationships 3 All Covered Individuals must provide their Department Head or Unit Supervisor with a Notie of Intent to Consult prio to the start of any consulting activities with an outside entity.
Industry-funded speaking relationships 3 Although speakers are required to control the content of their presentation, long-term speaking relationships are not prevented and speaker's bureaus are not prohibited.
Disclosure 2 Disclosure requirement for all Covered Individuals related to any Business Transaction. There is no mandatory public disclosure mechanism.
Pharmaceutical samples 1 The institution provided an extremely narrow sample policy, with only one sentence.
Purchasing & Formularies 2 P&T committee members are required to disclose their financial conflicts of interest, however, the purchasing unit decides recusal for the individual.
Industry Sales Representatives 2 Sales and marketing representatives are permitted in non-patient care areas by appointment only.
On-campus Education 3 Funds received from the industry are placed in a designated account, absent of control from the industry.
Attendance at Industry-Sponsored Lectures & Meetings Off-Campus 2 This policy is limited in scope regarding recipients of travel support from the industry.
Industry Support for Scholarships & Funds for Trainees 3 The College of Medicine department, program or division selects the student or trainee.
Medical school curriculum 2 The institution provided a good introduction, via PowerPoint presentation, but failed to present a model curriculum or training materials regarding the influence of pharmaceutical marketing on health-care decision making.
Do the policies specify an oversight mechanism? Yes The policy designates the Dean's Office as the point of contact when reporting violations.
Are there explicit sanctions for noncompliance? Yes Investigation and corrective action will be taken by the Dean's Office when necessary to ensure compliance with policy.
What the results mean...
3Model policy
2Good progress toward model policy
1No policy, or policy unlikely to have a substantial effect on behavior
0Did not report
N/APolicy not relevant to this institution (e.g., does not make purchasing decisions)