AMSA Pharm-free Scorecard 2010
A University of South Carolina School of Medicine
City: Columbia State: SC

University of South Carolina submitted stronger policies for the domains of gifts and meals, samples, and purchasing and formularies. A good policy overall with model language for consulting & speaking arrangements. Strict adherence to the ACCME standards for on-site CMEs, while good, leaves room for improvement on how funding from industry for educational events are overseen. In addition, prohibition of all gifts would also be a logical extension of current policy.

Updates: This institution submitted new or additional policies for the 2012-13 AMSA PharmFree Scorecard. Due to the stronger changes in multiple domains, the grade for this institution has improved its grade from a B to an A.


This institution's evaluation was last updated: 4/9/2013

Gifts & Meals 3 All gifts and on-site meals are prohibited regardless of nature.
Consulting relationships 3 The policy clearly requires all consulting agreements to be approved prior to starting and be described in a formal contract.
Industry-funded speaking relationships 3 The policy clearly prohibits participation in speakers bureaus and requires that the speaker be in control of the presented material.
Disclosure 2 All staff are required to report outside financial arrangements at least annually.
Pharmaceutical samples 3 All samples must be stocked and dispensed from a central pharmacy. Sample distribution will be determined by Clinical Advisory Committee in consultation with the Dean.
Purchasing & Formularies 3 Any personnel with financial interest is prohibited from participating in or influencing purchasing decisions.
Industry Sales Representatives 2 Representatives are not prohibited from entering the medical center, but are only allowed to meet with faculty by appointment.
On-campus Education 2 All on-site educational events must meet ACCME standards.
Attendance at Industry-Sponsored Lectures & Meetings Off-Campus 3 Faculty and staff are prohibited from receiving travel to or from an event, and prohibited from accepting payment for attendance to an off-site event.
Industry Support for Scholarships & Funds for Trainees 3 The policy clearly prevents industry from choosing the scholarship recipient.
Medical school curriculum 1 No curricular materials presented.
Do the policies specify an oversight mechanism? Yes The policy clearly charges a party with oversight.
Are there explicit sanctions for noncompliance? Yes Sanctions for non-compliance referenced.
What the results mean...
3Model policy
2Good progress toward model policy
1No policy, or policy unlikely to have a substantial effect on behavior
0Did not report
N/APolicy not relevant to this institution (e.g., does not make purchasing decisions)