AMSA Pharm-free Scorecard 2010
B University of Louisville School of Medicine
City: Louisville State: KY

 The following commentary is based on their prior submission, which was graded a B. The institution has created a set of policies that addresses conflict of interest in the majority of the domains on which it was scored. The institution has made educating students on the marketing influence of industry a priority, but it has not provided any policy to specifically regulate industry scholarships and funds for trainees. While the total gifts ban is excellent and the proposed samples voucher program is promising, the language in other domains has the potential to be stronger.

This institution's evaluation was last updated: 12/05/2010

Gifts & Meals 3 Vendors may not provide gifts of any form or value to staff or students.
Consulting relationships 2 For services off-campus, such as consulting, faculty and staff may not receive payments above fair market value.  Research relationships between vendors and staff are more regulated.
Industry-funded speaking relationships 1 The institution strongly discourages paid lectureships, but no approval or limitation of speaking relationships is required.
Disclosure 2 Faculty and staff are required to disclose conflicts of interest to their superiors as they occur.
Pharmaceutical samples 1 Each department will outline the list of acceptable sample medications in its formulary. A samples voucher plan is being developed with area pharmacies.
Purchasing & Formularies 3 P&T members must recuse themselves from any decisions in cases where they are conflicted.
Industry Sales Representatives 2 Industry representatives must have an appointment scheduled in advance. The policy also places other restrictions on the purposes of appointments with faculty and staff. 
On-campus Education 2 Vendors may make educational grants, but may not select presenters or require inclusion or exclusion of specific medications in the program.
Attendance at Industry-Sponsored Lectures & Meetings Off-Campus 2 The receipt of gifts and payments for attending off-site educational events is banned. However, the acceptance of grants and scholarships for off-site educational events is not specifically addressed in the policies provided.
Industry Support for Scholarships & Funds for Trainees 1 The institution provided no policy specific to scholarships or other support for students or trainees.
Medical school curriculum 3 Schools and departments will develop education programs on vendor marketing and influences on physician decisions. 
Do the policies specify an oversight mechanism? Yes Oversight is established.
Are there explicit sanctions for noncompliance? Yes Specific sanctions are referenced.
What the results mean...
3Model policy
2Good progress toward model policy
1No policy, or policy unlikely to have a substantial effect on behavior
0Did not report
N/APolicy not relevant to this institution (e.g., does not make purchasing decisions)