AMSA Pharm-free Scorecard 2010
I Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and Research Institute
City: Roanoke State: VA

Virginia Tech Carilion School of medicine is a new medical school opened in Roanoke, VA.  Its first students began classes in September of 2010.  They received a 2 year grace period during which they are not required to submit policies to the AMSA PharmFree Scorecard, but after that point they will receive an "F" grade if no policies are submited.  They will be required to submit policies to the Scorecard next year.  This 2 year period is in line with the time that medical students traditionally start their clinical medical education.



This institution did not provide any new or additional for the 2012-13 AMSA PharmFree Scorecard. This institution's evaluation was last updated on 2/25/2012.

Gifts & Meals 0
Consulting relationships 0
Industry-funded speaking relationships 0
Disclosure 0
Pharmaceutical samples 0
Purchasing & Formularies 0
Industry Sales Representatives 0
On-campus Education 0
Attendance at Industry-Sponsored Lectures & Meetings Off-Campus 0
Industry Support for Scholarships & Funds for Trainees 0
Medical school curriculum 0
Do the policies specify an oversight mechanism? No
Are there explicit sanctions for noncompliance? No
What the results mean...
3Model policy
2Good progress toward model policy
1No policy, or policy unlikely to have a substantial effect on behavior
0Did not report
N/APolicy not relevant to this institution (e.g., does not make purchasing decisions)