AMSA Pharm-free Scorecard 2010
B Ponce School of Medicine
City: Ponce State: PR

Ponce School of Medicine has generally strong policies that touch on most of the domains scored. A ban on industry gifts is commendable, and the policy regarding scholarships and trainee funds does not allow industry control. However, many policies do not go a long way towards meaningfully regulating interactions between medical staff and the pharmaceutical industry. Consulting relationships are not reviewed or are subject to restrictions. There are no general disclosure requirements for all staff, and there is no direct prohibition on the acceptance of payment to attend industry-sponsored meetings off-site.



This institution did not provide any new or additional for the 2012-13 AMSA PharmFree Scorecard.This institution's evaluation was last updated: 12/06/2010

This institution has not consented to allow their policy to be publicly posted or quoted for illustrative purposes. 

Gifts & Meals 2 All gifts to individuals from industry are banned. However, there is no mention of on-site meals provided by industry in the policies.
Consulting relationships 1 No policies regarding consulting relationships were included.
Industry-funded speaking relationships 2 Ponce School of Medicine strongly discourages, but does not prohibit participation in speaker's bureaus. The institution does require full transparency and disclosure of its personnel when participating in industry-sponsored, FDA-regulated programs.
Disclosure 1 Although Ponce provided a detailed policy regarding research disclosure, there is no policy requiring disclosure by clinical or education personnel.
Pharmaceutical samples 2 Samples are required to be "centrally managed" throughout the institution, but there are no other restrictions on samples that would help prevent their use as a marketing tool.
Purchasing & Formularies 3 Any personnel that have a financial interest in any particular manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, devices or equipment are required to recuse themselves from involvement in purchasing decisions relevant to the conflicting interests.
Industry Sales Representatives 2 Industry representatives must have an appointment to enter Ponce’s medical facilities and are only permitted in non-patient care areas.
On-campus Education 2 All funds for CME activity are coordinated and overseen through the central CME office. All CME activities will be held according to ACCME standards.
Attendance at Industry-Sponsored Lectures & Meetings Off-Campus 2 This policy prohibits Ponce School of Medicine personnel from accepting funds to defray travel expenses solely for attendance at conferences. This policy also discourages payment for attendance, but does not prohibit it.
Industry Support for Scholarships & Funds for Trainees 3 All funds for scholarships must be given to the central CME Program. No quid pro quo is allowed and the recipient of the funds will be chosen by the Deanship.
Medical school curriculum 1 No curricular materials were provided.
Do the policies specify an oversight mechanism? No No mention of oversight included in policies.
Are there explicit sanctions for noncompliance? No There were no mentions of sanctions for noncompliance.
What the results mean...
3Model policy
2Good progress toward model policy
1No policy, or policy unlikely to have a substantial effect on behavior
0Did not report
N/APolicy not relevant to this institution (e.g., does not make purchasing decisions)